Using Wizard Phone for Calling

Happy, sad, serious, urgent? Only your voice can accurately deliver the news. Your voice is always the best communication tool.


What is it?

It's commonly referred to as a phone tree or even a robocall.

Basically, it is a computer system that calls your phone list and plays your pre-recorded message when a person answers or after the beep of the answering machine.

Why use it?

There are several reasons to use a phone tree service.

  • Boost attendance & participation at meetings
  • Increase engagement among members
  • Communicate last minute changes & cancellations

Calling features

Included in your plan

Caller ID

The Caller ID is the 10 digit phone number that your contacts see on their phone when you call using Wizard Phone.

You may use your telephone number as the Caller ID. Wizard Phone’s Caller ID is the default.

We have numerous generic Caller ID numbers such as CHURCH CALLING, VFW POST, AMERICAN LEGION, MASONIC LODGE, and many more. Our generic Caller ID numbers are free to use.

If or when your contacts call back the Caller ID, your recording will be played to the caller.

Phone List

The phone list file can be in many popular file formats like Microsoft Excel, CSV or TXT.

The phone number format can be any of the following.


Your phone list may also include your contact's first name and last name, but it is not required.

You may have multiple groups in your account.

It is also easy to add, edit and delete contacts in your Wizard Phone account.


There are a few ways to create your recording your contacts will hear.

Many of our customers create their recordings by calling our toll free phone number and following the prompts.

Another option is to upload your recording from your computer.

The last option is to use our text-to-speech system. Just type your message, and a near-human voice, either female or male, will speak your message.


There are 2 ways to send your calls and both are very easy to do.

Option 1) Log into your Wizard Phone online account and click the send call broadcast button.

Option 2) Call the Wizard Phone toll free phone number and send the call broadcast via the phone.

Call Report

The call reports are available in real-time in your account.

At the end of your call broadcast, you will receive a call broadcast report PDF file via email to one or more email addresses.


Frequently asked questions

Does a contract lock me into your service?

There are no contracts. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan at any time.

Are there any restrictions on how I can use Wizard Phone?

Yes. Wizard Phone is for non-profit organizations. Wizard Phone prohibits solicitation, telemarketing, commercial, or political campaigning.

Will my contact lists be sold?

We will never share any of your information with anybody.

How many calling lists can I have?

We don’t limit the number of contact lists you may have.

How soon can I get started?

It only takes a few minutes. Sign up for a new account, and we will send you an email with login instructions. Then, upload your list using an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file. Send your first voice, text, or email message.

Do you charge for uncompleted calls?

No. There is no charge for busy, unanswered, or non-working numbers.

What number is the Caller ID?

Your choice. It can be your number, the number of your organization, or one of Wizard Phones for various groups, such as Church Calling, VFW Post, American Legion, Masonic Lodge, Shrine Club, and School Calling. The default Caller ID is Wizard Phone.

During what hours can I send voice messages?

The default times are 8:00 am until 10:00 pm, your local time. At your request, we will adjust these times to your preference.

Are there any start-up fees, maintenance fees, or inactivity charges?

No. There are only usage charges.

What if someone doesn’t want to receive my messages?

Your account contains a Blocked list. Wizard Phone will block all attempts to send phone, email, or SMS (text) messages to those listed.

How do I send a message?

To send a voice message, dial our toll-free number from any telephone. Follow the prompts to record and send your message immediately. Wizard Phone also offers a text-to-speech feature where you type your message and choose to have it converted to a male or female voice. If you recorded a message locally on your computer or smartphone, you could upload and use that audio file.

Type it, select the list, and click the send button to send a text message. Do the same to send an email message.

What happens when a call is unanswered?

Wizard Phone will listen for the beep of an answering machine or voicemail and deliver your message.

How will I know the results of my group message?

Two ways. Wizard Phone will send an email with a detailed report attached in PDF format so you can view and print it. The same information is in your account. The reports provide all the information you will need.

Anything I might not think to ask?

We send lots of voice messages. Over time, we have added features to this service to make it more effective. We have a free option for you to send your voice message audio file as an email attachment at the same time. The body of that email will display that person’s phone number that you have on file and ask if it’s correct. If not, the note asks for an email reply with the correct information. You might appreciate how many corrections you will receive.

Every voice message we send gives a toll-free number to call to hear the recording again. So instead of calls coming to you, their leader, they will come to Wizard Phone’s message replay line. This service is also free.

How long can my voice messages be?

We don’t set an official limit, but two minutes or less should be your goal. Answering machines and voicemail don’t allow recordings longer than two minutes—generally, the shorter your recording, the more effective your message.

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