Simple Pricing. A Full 60 Second Message Only 10¢. Call 100 Phone Numbers For $10.

What Is It?

It's commonly referred to as a phone tree or even a robocall.

Basically, it is a computer system that calls your phone list and plays your pre-recorded message when a person answers or after the beep of the answering machine.

Why Use It?

There are several reasons to use a phone tree service.

  • Boost attendance & participation at meetings
  • Increase engagement among members
  • Communicate last minute changes & cancellations

Caller ID

The Caller ID is the 10 digit phone number that your contacts see on their phone when you call using Wizard Phone.

The Caller Name will be set to an appropriate generic name.

For example, for Churches, the Caller Name will be Church Calling.

If or when your contacts call back the Caller ID, your recording will be played to the caller.

Wizard Phone offers a custom dedicated Caller ID phone number (from your very own area code) for your organization. Contact us to learn more.

Phone List

The phone list file can be in many popular file formats like Microsoft Excel, CSV or TXT.

The phone number format can be any of the following.


Your phone list may also include your contact's first name and last name, but it is not required.

You may have multiple groups in your account.

It also easy to add, edit and delete contacts in your Wizard Phone account.

There is no limit to the number of calling lists.

When sending a call broadcast, you can select 1 or more phone lists.

If there are duplicate phone numbers, the system will automatically remove them.

Yes. Our system will remove duplicate phone numbers from your phone lists.


There are a few ways to create your recording your contacts will hear.

Many of our customers create their recordings by calling our toll free phone number and following the prompts.

Another option is to upload your recording from your computer.

The last option is to use our text to speech system. Just simply type your message and a computer voice will speak your message.

Play the sample below.

Wizard Phone does not have a limit on the length of your recording.

Some of our customers have short 30 second recordings while others have recordings well over 1 minute.

Generally speaking, the shorter the message the more effective it will be.


There are 2 ways to send your calls and both are very easy to do.

Option 1) Log into your Wizard Phone online account and click the send call broadcast button.

Option 2) Call the Wizard Phone toll free phone number and send the call broadcast via the phone.

It depends on several factors like the length of the recording and the connect rate on your phone list.

To call 100 people with a 30 second recording, on average, it will cost about $5.

With WizardPhone, you pay only for what you use.

Other companies charge as much as $10 to $14.

Yes. Our system can retry busy phone numbers up to 5 times.

Our system can call 100 phone numbers in 5 minutes.

No. While busy and unanswered numbers are attempted up to 5 more times, you only pay for live answer, voice mail or answering machine delivery.

Call Report

The call reports are available in real-time in your account.

At the end of your call broadcast, you will receive a call broadcast report PDF file via email to one or more email addresses.

The call broadcast report PDF contains several columns of data for each phone number dialed including Date, Time, Call Disposition like "Live Answer", "Answering Machine" or "No Answer".


Below are several Frequently (& Infrequently) Asked Questions.

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