About Us

A letter from our founder

By Jack English


We are a small company. All of our customers are small. Most of them are non-profit groups led by unpaid volunteers. It’s a big challenge, so we provide tools for you to save time and make you an effective leader.

We promise you that every tool we have is easy to use. When you have an urgent message to send, you can send it from any telephone in a couple of minutes. You get prompt answers to your questions from a knowledgeable and curteous support representative.

Use Wizard Phone for 60 days, and if it’s not for you, we will give you a full refund. We don’t have any contracts, penalties, or hidden charges. We will work hard to earn your trust.

One of the biggest challenges small non-profit groups face is money! I have never found an exception. Group leaders are often successful people and will apply their talents to get the most value for every dollar spent by the group. Our prices will do that for you.

We want your business, and I encourage you to please call me to discuss your situation in more detail. You will have a clear picture of what you should expect from Wizard Phone in a few minutes.

-Jack English

Founder & CEO of Wizard Phone
800-580-5733 ext 2

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