About WizardPhone

A little background...

Wizard Phone began in 2006 as a cost-effective automated phone tree service provider.

In addition to having a fully functional self-service web interface to send out calls, we also provide an email broadcast and text broadcast service.

From the bottom up, Wizard Phone has been built based on customer feedback.

In fact, we are always trying to make our services faster, better, easier to use and affordable for even the smallest non-profit groups.

Below are a couple of examples.

Launch By Phone

One day a customer called and she needed to send an important message to her church group but she had no access to a computer at that time.

So our customer service happily launched the calls for her.

After this happened several times, one of our customers made a great suggestion.

It was to be able to call a phone number to record a message and automatically send out the calls.

What a great idea!

Our programmers went to work.

A few weeks later we introduced our "Launch By Phone" service.

Now anyone with a phone, even an old phone, call send out calls from anywhere using Wizard Phone.

This service has received positive feedback from many of our customers.

A Preacher uses Launch By Phone from hospitals to send out calls for prayer requests.

A Secretary uses Launch By Phone to send out calls for meeting reminders.

Message Replay Line

For whatever reason, sometimes a small percentage of your contacts will not receive the message you sent.

It could be because someone else answered the phone or there was too much background noise when the call was answered.

We realized even though it was no fault of the Wizard Phone service, we needed to come up with a solution to make 100% sure every contact can hear every message.

Once again, our programmers went to work.

We realized that the Caller ID phone number was the key.

We built the "Message Replay Line" based on the Caller ID.

Now if your contact does not receive your message, it's as simple as calling the Caller ID phone number.

It's the intuitive thing to do. 

When your contact calls the Caller ID phone number, your message will automatically play in its entirety.

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