Wizard Phone (Call, Email & SMS Text Messaging)

WizardPhoneWizardPhone was established in March of 2002 and is 100% committed to delivering important automated call messages for organizations to their customers, employees and members by using our web-based phone tree software which is online 24x7x365.

Our happy customers include small as well as large Businesses, Churches, Clubs and Associations in the USA and Canada.

Below are a few organizations that use WizardPhone. Learn more.

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Why Use A Phone Tree Service vs a Phone Tree Template

A phone tree template in Microsoft Word, Excel or PDF may seem like a great place to start.

Unfortunately, there are several reasons why a human or manual phone tree does not work.

  • The chain can be broken if someone does not make the required calls.
  • The content of the message can be changed along the way.
  • The process is very time-consuming for multiple people.

Ultimately, it can end up being a call fire that needs to be extinguished.

Below are just a few reasons why organizations use an automated Phone Tree service on a regular basis.

  • It only requires 1 person less than 5 minutes to contact 100's or even 1000's of people.
  • Boost attendance & participation at meetings
  • Increase engagement among members
  • Communicate last minute changes & cancellations
  • Increase appointments & sales
  • If you want to call em all, then contact us.

Why Use WizardPhone

WizardPhone offers a unique phone tree software solution that is like an automated call multiplier.

Instead of just making one call now, you can make hundreds or thousands of calls now.

Below are a few standard features that organizations love about WizardPhone.

  • Contact Manager
  • Huge Network
  • Retry busy phone numbers
  • Answering Machine Detection
  • Record over the phone or upload through web site
  • Send call broadcast anytime day or night
  • Receive Call Reports via Email
  • Pricing We offer fair "pay as you go" per minute pricing. There are no set up fees and there are no monthly fees.
  • Message Replay Line In the event, the WizardPhone call is not received, your members simply call back the Caller ID to listen to the recording.

With Wizard Phone system, is almost as easy as saying "Dial My Calls" and we'll literally call em all!

WizardPhone Premium

In addition to the standard features, WizardPhone offers premium features that our customers almost can't live without.

  • Launch By Phone Our customers simply record a message over the phone and within a few minutes all of their members receive the recorded message.
  • Smart Virtual Secretary: Caller ID shows your organization's name and a phone number from your area code. In the event the WizardPhone call is not received, your members simply call back the local Caller ID to listen to the recording.
  • Automatically send an email to each of your contacts with a link to the recording
  • Email Broadcasting
  • SMS Text Messaging


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